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My Minimalist Mold Avoidance Gear

In the beginning, I was so hyper-reactive to all mold that my immune system didn't have the give to wait for things to decontaminate. If I got slammed by a biotoxin that was really bad for me, it was almost always better to toss contaminated items and begin again. I did my best to stay away from "civilidevastation" as much as possible, but did end up having to throw things away a lot. As time went on and my skills got better, I got much better and detecting my worst biotoxins before they really contaminated my stuff. Now, after about a year and a half of mold avoidance, I rarely have to throw anything away.

Below is a list of the items I started with. It is really minimalist. But it kept my work load down and my expenses down as well. I completely washed my Subaru every single day during the first month. I hung my laundry to dry from the cargo rack on top.

My supplies at this point (as best I can remember) when I was in the very beginning of pursuing mold avoidance:

1 hammock

1 sleeping bag

1 propane stove

1 lighter

2 small towels

1 pot

1 thermos

2 metal bowls

2 forks

2 knives

2 spoons

1 butcher knife

1 small plastic cutting board

5 gallon jugs of water

1 cheap pay-as-you-go cell phone

1 cheap tablet

2 12-volt chargers for my car

3 t-shirts

2 pairs quick-drying pants

3 pairs underwear/sports bras

3 pairs socks

2 pairs sleep pants

2 fleeces

1 windstopper jacket

1 pocket knife

2 hats

2 shirts just for sleeping

Natural dish soap

1 bucket for washing clothes

1 pack clothes pins

1 small cooler

2 Epipens

Various medications

1 bar soap

1 camp chair

1 small metal table

1 scrub brush for cleaning dishes

Sara Riley Mattson is the author of Camp Like a Girl and Migraine: Finding My Own Way Out.

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